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An Airline Paradigm Shift

An Airline Paradigm Shift

Going beyond economy, Business, and First:
A better way to decide which airline to fly.

By looking beyond the time-worn triad of airline classes—economy, Business, First—to a system that groups carriers by their service objectives, we get a clearer idea of what to expect when we climb aboard. You’ll find:

  • The four distinct classes of carrier, from bare-bones Discount to luxurious Elite
  • A special focus on Mass Market Carriers, a segment that includes most US airlines
  • The Premium Service Carriers who deliver comfort and value
  • Seven keys to making the most of the new system
  • And that’s not all.

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Seven Common Air Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Seven Common Air Travel Mistakes to Avoid

...and enjoy the comforts of Business and First Class upgrades
while saving thousands of dollars.

In more than a decade of publishing our award-winning newsletter, First Class Flyer, we've detected a pattern of mistakes that regularly costs inexperienced air travelers a fortune and denies them the comforts of premium travel. You’ll discover:

  • Which credit cards to use, and when to use points for upgrades
  • Perfect timing for cash upgrades and miles redemption
  • How and when to transfer earned miles to another carrier
  • Finding big savings on seasonal airfares
  • And that’s not all.

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Eleven Little-Known Strategies For Getting Discount Business Class Airfare

Eleven strategies for getting discount Business Class airfare

Little-known lessons learned the hard way about
discount business class travel

Who wouldn't prefer discount business class travel, with wider, more comfortable seats, and a few additional perks, for the same price as economy or coach class.

The fact is, armed with knowledge of the mysterious intricacies, loopholes and anomalies in the airlines flight schedules and fares, you can obtain discount business class airfares and enjoy the perks of discount business class travel while others pay more — often, much more.

  • How to take advantage of advance purchase opportunities
  • When to use an alliance/partner carrier and when not to
  • The advantages to departing from a different gateway city
  • When to consider a foreign carrier
  • And that’s not all.

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Airline Upgrades

Airline Upgrades

Ten strategies for using the best frequent flyer miles programs

Getting an affordable airline upgrade is often possible if you know how to exploit the frequently overlooked and little-known anomalies in the airline schedules and flight codes. That requires a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of airline elite status and the best frequent flyer miles programs.

This eye-opening report will introduce you to the world of airline upgrades, and provides 10 solid strategies that you can use to take maximum advantage of the best frequent flyer miles programs, including:

  • How to exploit the best frequent flyer miles programs for upgrading
  • How to earn an airline upgrade using credit card points
  • How to earn an airline upgrade using miles instead of cash
  • How to get an airline upgrade by buying points or miles
  • And that’s not all.

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Customer satisfaction is my satisfaction – what keeps me on my quirky quest of digging for heteroclites. These anomalous gems, discovered typically in the fine print, can enable strategies that ensure discounted upgrades – discounted, occasionally, all the way down to free.

I seek to be America’s—nay the world’s—best advocate for Business and First Class air travelers.

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