About First Class Flyer

Who are our customers?

From our most recent survey, together with lively contact from members (most of it appreciative, some even laudatory), they are overwhelmingly business owners, skilled professionals, top and senior management, university professors, CEOs—successful individuals.

More than half earn over $200,000 per year and just over 20 percent are retired.

More than a half again are in their fifties and sixties, with an equal spread of those in their forties and 70+.

Although there are members under 40, that’s the smallest group.

It’s clear First Class Flyer appeals mainly to people with life experience and a maturity. Not too surprising perhaps given it is about taking an analytical, strategic approach to decision making—based on discovered insights and gleaned intelligence.

We are encouraged with the finding that 8 out of 10 members “read or look through” each month’s collection of reports.

In the broadest sense, all our members fall into one of two categories:

  • Those who would otherwise fly coach because First Class or Business is prohibitively expensive.
  • Those who would never fly coach but would otherwise be forced to pay the published fare for First Class or Business.

The first group enjoy the penultimate, sometimes even the ultimate upgrade (see our upgrades).

The second group simply save—not uncommonly—many thousands of dollars.

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FCF is invariably creative and often ingenious

Prof. Thomas Y. Levin

Princeton University
Bennett is an authority on premium travel ticketing strategies

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New York University
Mr. Upgrade shares his secrets for flying first class at economy fares


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