What airlines would rather you didn't know about Business and First Class bargains.

My friend, the anomaly.

Your friend, the anomaly.

That quirky little creature — running rife in the airline industry — is the bargain-hunter's, the upgrade-snagger's, best friend.

He lives among the broad acres of fine print, looking just like all the other fine print. He's there in the seat pricing and the schedules, invisible to all but the keenest observer. Along with his buddies, the loopholes and the ambiguities and the disparities and even the very rare (but nonetheless real) plain mistake he’s what can turn a flight – domestic or international – from an ordeal into a deal.

A generous deal in your favor, delivering the kind of comfort your fellow passengers are paying full freight for... the kind of comfort that saves you from being human freight.

Fine wine, fine dining, fine reclining and all at a fine price... sometimes for little more than — sometimes even less than — cattle class.

Languish in economy or luxuriate in Business or First?

My Special Reports help you choose.

No risk.

AAnomalies: Top 48 American Airlines AAdvantage Program Opportunities

AAnomalies: The Top 48 American Airlines AAdvantage Program Opportunities

Get the most from American’s AAdvantage program. This Special Report reveals 48 strategies that can save you thousands of dollars while enjoying the best the airline has to offer. If you fly American, you need this report.

Table of Contents

  1. Redemption Secrets: Top of the List for AAdvantage Members
  2. Elite Status Secrets: Finding Your Way through the Elite Maze
  3. In-the-Air Earning Secrets: Getting the Most Mileage Credit for Your Fare Dollars
  4. On-the-Ground Earning Secrets: Fatten Your Mileage Wallet without Flying
  5. Seat Secrets: Getting Your Priority Seat
  6. Short-Notice Business Travel Secrets: Tools for the Last-Minute Flyer
  7. Dis-AAdvantages: When Another Program Is a Better Choice
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Fly Deluxe for Fewer Bucks to Europe

Fly Deluxe for Fewer Bucks to Europe

This new 74-page Special Report is packed with well-researched and timeproven strategies, principles, tips, hints and insights. A corpus of practical know-how, it comes with a no-risk, money-back guarantee.

Table of Contents

  1. Airfares: 10 Best Tips
  2. Upgrades: 10 Best Tips
  3. Award Tickets: 10 Best Tips
  4. 10 Best Business Class Seats
  5. Free Stopovers and Side-trips: 10 Best Tips
  6. Free Companion Tickets: 10 Best Tips
  7. Short-Notice Business Travel: 10 Best Tips
  8. Flying Premium Economy: 10 Best Tips
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Customer satisfaction is my satisfaction – what keeps me on my quirky quest of digging for heteroclites. These anomalous gems, discovered typically in the fine print, can enable strategies that ensure discounted upgrades – discounted, occasionally, all the way down to free.

I seek to be America’s—nay the world’s—best advocate for Business and First Class air travelers.

See you up front,

Matthew J. Bennett