Dear Friend,

Last year we published a bunch of reports, and now I am offering eleven of them to you free. Have a quick scan of the titles:
  • How to Score A First Class Seat to the Caribbean, Hawaii or Mexico for the Price of Economy
  • When You Can Get Business Class Tickets for Less Than the Price of Coach
  • 11 Sure-Fire Ways to Win the Best Fares and Seats this Year
  • Which Credit Cards Can Net You Free Tickets and Upgrades?
  • How One-Way Mileage Awards are the Premium Traveler’s Best Friend

Princeton University
-Prof. Thomas Y. Levin

"I'm an avid reader of First Class Flyer. I find the insights and strategies articulated in its pages not only totally legitimate, but invariably creative and often ingenious."

  • When and Where to Buy Frequent Flyer Miles to Get in the Upgrade Game Overnight
  • How to Get Treated as an Elite Passenger
  • How to Get Free Stopovers and Side Trips
  • The Ultimate Mileage and Elite Strategy
  • Three Strategies for Upgrading from Business to First
  • How to Fly to Hawaii for Much Less, Maybe Even Free
Eleven reports? Free? Free, as in no obligation?

Well, not exactly.

This set of free reports is a blatant inducement to get you to subscribe to my newsletter, First Class Flyer. You get them when you subscribe. But let me stress:

You will be under no obligation whatsoever to stay subscribed. In fact, we will not even charge your credit card for 14 days. Anytime up until then, feel free to cancel your First Class Flyer subscription. Even if you change your mind up to 90 days later, just call me at the office (888) 980-9922 – or email me at Mr.Upgrade[at] and I will reverse the automatic debit to your charge card. You will lose nothing, except the points you’d otherwise have earned.

Mind you, that’s one of the points of this inducement: I want to open your eyes to just how valuable points can be, in new and extraordinary ways, many of which are not written about in public places. And you don’t have to have many points accumulated, or even any points accumulated, to use points to get deals. There’s much more too, about how to get upgrades or deals so neat and sweet flying goes from being barely endurable to rather enjoyable. That’s why I’ve earned the title ‘Mr. Upgrade.’

Owner of a Carlson Wagonlit Travel Agency
-Nell Edgar

"Mr. Upgrade writes about deals I can’t find anywhere else."

Still, the deal is… you become a subscriber (even temporarily, with no money paid) and I’ll give you the eleven reports gratis. But you have to sign up.

They are rich with tips and strategies still well within their use-by date. Were you to pay me for this series (they originally cost over $197), and apply what they taught you, I think you would still end up profiting… handsomely.

So, with all confessed and off my chest, let me launch into the pitch (I used to be a pitcher of another kind, as you’ll see below):

Considering they are free, what have you to lose?

They also come with this month’s newsletter. Every month features articles on the latest premium class fare wars, little-known upgrade strategies, and loyalty program loopholes we uncover. And to reiterate: if you wish to cancel, please be my guest. First Class Flyer’s only future is satisfied subscribers, because they are the only ones who stay subscribed year after year. There are now over 17,000 subscribers. A recent survey showed that 22.3 percent will definitely renew their subscription and 41.8 percent will probably renew it. In the world of premium online publishing this is a very respectable result.

Back now to those eleven free reports.

They are mostly modest publications, but with mostly immodest titles. Some seem to promise the earth. Has our editor been overzealous?

Let’s take them one by one, and you can be the judge:

Free Report #1:
How to Score A First Class Seat to the Caribbean,
Hawaii or Mexico for the Price of Economy

This report doesn't tell how you can fly First Class at the price of economy anywhere you choose; just how you can fly First Class for the price of economy to Caribbean, Hawaii or Mexico.

But hey, the Caribbean, Hawaii or Mexico?

That’s where the soul and the spirit get replenished, isn’t it? Fly there in the luxury of First Class and you arrive already relaxed. Fly back First Class and you return relaxed. It’s those long-haul holiday flights where you can benefit most from Not Being Human Cargo. This report tells you the golden rules of online leisure-travel booking.

Free Report #2:
When You Can Get Business Class Tickets
For Less Than the Price of Coach

Senior Vice President of Salomon Smith Barney
-Mike Steinberg

First Class Flyer does everything possible to make my travel more comfortable – in the air, and in my wallet.”

You know how when you learn the secret of a magic trick you are kind of disappointed? Especially those tricks that are so simple, so obvious, you’d prefer you hadn’t been told. Poof, the magic itself disappears. This is the same, sort of. But such is the saving, and such is the comfort of Business Class, I doubt anyone will dwell on the disappointment of retrospective obviousness.

Free Report #3:
11 Sure-Fire Ways to Win the
Best Fares and Seats this Year

Oh dear, sure-fire is one of those combined adjectives that can raise expectations to a perilously high level. Hype level, even. You know that if you are let down, thud, your ego will be bruised. On reflection, maybe we should have blue-pencilled sure-fire. It’s not that these ways aren’t genuine, but they do require you to adjust your attitude (that can be hard for some), and even do a little homework.

Free Report #4:
Which Credit Cards Can Net You
Free Tickets and Upgrades

This can make you a card-carrying member of a very exclusive club: those who use their credit cards strategically and wisely. An art collection needs a coherent and disciplined theme. So too a card collection. This report presents you with three rules. Follow them religiously and you will be rewarded. This report also has our ranking of the cards that earn miles. You’ll learn which brand is okay. Which is better. Which is best.

Free Report #5:
How One-Way Mileage Awards are
the Premium Traveler’s Best Friend

As well as letting you in on what U.S. and international airlines offer one-way mileage awards. Showing you how to enjoy First Class for less than Business when First Class is available at the saver mileage rate and Business Class is only available at the standard rate.

Free Report #6:
When and Where to Buy Frequent Flyer Miles
to Get in the Upgrade Game Overnight

Alaska, all of a sudden, became big news. Happily for us Alaska Airlines is still a well-kept secret. This airline is unique among US carriers, for reasons you will discover. You will also discover some gold nuggets, international award bargains through their partner airlines. If you promise not to tell anyone what this five-page report reveals – how anyone can reap Alaska Airlines mileage/loyalty program without ever flying Alaskan – it’s yours free.

Free Report #7:
How to Get Treated as an Elite Passenger

Airlines are so keen to win new business they will do things you wouldn’t read about, except in this slim manual. Shame on them, you’ll think if you are already a loyal customer. Good on them, you’ll think if you are a new customer. Wooing newcomers at the expense of loyal customers is the way of this wonky world. (Might as well learn to live, and fly, with it.)

Free Report #8:
How to Get Free Stopovers and Side Trips

This report takes the eyestrain print of stopovers, translates it into readable prose set in eye-friendly type, and presents you with stopportunities galore. What most find unfathomable, this report demystifies. If the world is your oyster, this is a nifty oyster knife.

Free Report #9:
The Ultimate Mileage and Elite Strategy

Here, for members of American Airlines and Oneworld frequent-flyer programs, a little study is rewarded with a shrewd and lucrative strategy that reinforces the nothing-ventured-nothing-gained dictum. And the risk is more imagined than real. What will be asked of you is that you switch your frequent flyer allegiances and yet, strangely… keep flying with American.

Free Report #10:
Three Strategies for Upgrading
from Business to First

If you know the right airline, the right route and the right loyalty program it is hard to go wrong. This report contains my favorite upgrade anomaly. With it you can get a First Class seat from the US to Europe that costs more than $9,500 for less than $2,000 plus 60,000 miles. Of course, a lot of people who fly First Class have so much money they could care less.

Free Report #11:
How to Fly to Hawaii for Much
Less, Maybe Even Free

This loophole, for those who fly First Class from the east to the west coast, can be a lulu… a Honolulu… and far more rewarding than that pun. It’s a loophole that’s not perennially open, ah but when it is…

May I introduce myself?

Perhaps now is a good time.

I am one of those lucky people who managed to turn his hobby into a career. My hobby’s not all that unusual, mind you – I’m just a collector.

What’s unusual is what I collect.

A philatelist collects stamps. An oologist collects birds eggs (even, it seems, in the name itself). A numismatist collects coins. Me, I’m– coining wildly here – an anomalist and loopologist. I collect anomalies and loopholes. I collect ambiguities too, and incongruities, and oversights. Even what might be mistakes. All in the one highly specialized area: commercial air travel.

Like most collectors I am undecided whether the greater thrill is in the discovery of ‘the find’ or in its display as part of an impressive collection. (The collection being First Class Flyer and the associated reports.)

This interest – compulsion, really – all started when I was a minor league pitcher for the Gulf Coast Royals. I’d organize the travel for the team and soon found I had the much sought-after knack of getting upgrades. I was an okay baseball pitcher but an all-star upgrader. Soon I was given the nickname Mr. Upgrade. I never got people upgraded by asking, let alone begging, I got us upgraded by digging. Discovering anomalies, loopholes, etc. that no one even knew existed.

And just as collectors of old bottles will dig in uninviting places (old outhouse holes, for example) to find their treasures, I dig into even more uninviting places. Among all that, yuk, fine print.

Yuk to you maybe, not to me.

I love tiny type. The smaller the better. Ultra-condensed type, tight set, designed so as to defy readership – such typographic travesties are music to my eyes. I just know they’re hiding something, and that I will find it.

So, I’m an aficionado of fine print, a connoisseur of the convoluted. Legalese? Yes, please. Terms and conditions? Can’t get enough of ‘em.

Mumbo jumbo
Reads to me
Like the purest

And when I’m not actually reading mumbo jumbo you may well find me in a jumbo, reclining. I spend a lot of time test piloting First Class seats. Seeing how far, exactly, each leans back; how wide, exactly, each is. Someone has to do it.

But none of this large-seat sampling is largesse. I am not one of those travel writers who’s wooed by airlines. Far from it. I don’t save airlines money, I cost them money.

So I generally have to pay my own way. But here’s the thing: I hardly ever pay full freight. If you see me in First, I’ll have bought a ticket but chances are it won’t have been a full-price First Class ticket.

Note for international residents: Many of the strategies I write about work similarly if you live in Canada or Cambodia. Just apply to the strategies to your local carriers and you too can be sitting pretty.

In short, this newsletter reveals…

Everything The Airlines Don’t Want You To Know

Here are just a few things I expose in some of my recent newsletters:

  • How to get free upgrades to Europe - thanks to award chart loopholes. Vol. 17, No. 2
  • How to save as much as 45% on domestic First Class travel. (We researched over 800 First Class fares on many different routes, and found fare differences to be as high as 45% amongst different airlines on the same route.) Vol. 16, No. 7
  • The two months of the year in which unusual bargains arise. Vol. 17, No. 2
  • When it’s best to use miles for an international upgrade… good timing can save up to 66% (When a day can make a $1,000 difference) Vol. 16, No. 12
  • How to get Business Class tickets to the Caribbean so cheap, it’s not worth using miles. Vol. 17, No. 3
  • Top 5 Business Class deals to the most popular vacation destinations in the world. (Examples: Save $2,765 (65%) when flying between New York and Milan. Save $2,632 (59%) when flying between Los Angeles and Sao Paulo. Save $390 (47%) when flying between Miami and Grand Cayman). Vol. 17, No. 4
  • The insider scoop on special time-sensitive promotions across multiple airlines. Vol. 17, No. 5
  • Flight routes where First Class fares are within a few dollars of economy… sometimes even less… with no advance purchase or minimum-stay required. Vol. 17, No. 4
  • How you can save you up to 85% to the South Pacific. (Going First Class from Los Angeles to Sydney? Follow this strategy and you’ll save $16,593.) Vol. 17, No. 4
Anyway, if you add up just the specific savings examples I gave you above, you can see that it amounts to…

A Savings of Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars.

And that’s just a few examples from some of my recent newsletters. I myself must have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars since I began publishing my newsletter. And I saved millions of dollars for my subscribers.

These types of savings are waiting for you in First Class Flyer. In fact, I wrote about the savings I just mentioned in back issues of my newsletter and…when you subscribe… you get access to 12 back issues for free.

Here are some more examples of what you’ll find in First Class Flyer:

  • How to save up to 69% on new First and Business Class seats for travel to Asia. (For example, you can get a $14,000 First Class ticket from Los Angeles to Tokyo for $2,750.) Vol. 16, No. 11
  • How to save as much as 71% on travel to South America in Business Class with American, Delta, LAN, and United. Vol. 16, No. 9
  • Four new free upgrade opportunities discovered. Vol. 16, No. 10
  • The express lane to elite status. Vol. 16, No. 9
  • Getting American’s best First and Business Class seats on domestic routes. Vol. 16, No. 11
  • Discounted First Class fares to Hawaii. Vol. 17, No. 4
  • How you can get discounts of up to 71% on fall Business Class fares. Vol. 16, No. 10
  • How new Hawaii routes yield free First Class award space. Vol. 17, No. 4
  • Three irresistible destinations to travel to NOW to truly get the ‘bang for your buck’ (these deals are so rare… you don’t want to let them go by.) Vol. 17, No. 3
  • A surprising little secret to getting an upgrade without paying for an upgrade. Vol. 16, No. 11
  • How and why to take advantage of free stopovers and side trips Vol. 17, No. 4
  • Seven reasons why you should leave your elite lover. Vol. 16, No. 11
  • The best mileage program for upgrades to Europe. Vol. 16, No. 8
  • Where the new and newer First and Business Class seats are. Vol. 16, No. 10
  • How to save up to 86% on Business Class tickets to Europe, including Russia and southern Europe. (With this barely publicized bargain, you’ll actually pay less for your Business Class tickets then the people in coach paid for their tickets.) Vol. 17, No. 2
  • How to get free Elite Qualifying Mile (EQM) upgrades. Vol. 16, No. 12
  • The best mileage credit card we’ve found to date. (This has been the cornerstone of many seat awards and upgrades for savvy travelers for many years now. Use this card to earn points, and then transfer them to miles in an airline loyalty program.) Vol. 16, No. 7
  • Hidden Delta Business Class fare saves up to 43% for travel to Europe. Vol. 17, No. 1
I could go on and on. And you can probably see why airlines won’t tell you any of this stuff.

In fact, you may also already know travel agents are not always helpful with First and Business Class bookings either. Finding bargains for these seats takes highly skilled, time consuming, hard work. Travel agents often can’t keep up with all the airfare wars, loyalty programs nuances, and advanced ticketing strategies that change by the day.

And that’s why…

The World’s Top Travel Agencies Rely On My Newsletter For Advice.

For example, Neil Edgar, owner of a Carlson Wagonlit travel agency says: “Mr. Upgrade writes about deals I can’t find anywhere else.”

And it’s true. You won’t find this information anywhere else. Airlines won’t tell you, travel agents don’t know, and no one else goes through as much trouble to figure out these secrets, loopholes, and offers.

I and my team of experts work through the night to keep up to date on this industry which changes by the second. It’s so difficult to keep up to date that we work ‘more than full time.’

That’s how I’m able to reveal things like this in my newsletters:

  • How to fly to Africa for 78% less. Vol. 17, No. 4
  • What airline offers short-notice Business Class fare sales to Asia. Vol. 16, No. 8
  • Last call for holiday Business Class fare sale to Europe, offering savings of up to 51%. Vol. 16, No. 12
  • Why are one-way mileage awards the premium traveler’s best friend. Vol. 17, No. 3
  • What every flyer must know to save money and fly more comfortably in 2012. Vol. 17, No. 1
  • How to fly to Africa and the Middle East for less. Vol. 17, No. 2
  • How to save up to 45% on a new A380 route to Europe. Vol. 16, No. 12
  • When should you travel in the spring to take advantage of reduced Business Class fares to Europe. Vol. 17, No. 1
  • When is the best time to use miles for Business Class upgrades for travel to Asia. Vol. 17, No. 1
Who reads First Class Flyer?

Well, the short answer is just about everyone who subscribes. Reassuringly, a recent survey of 453 subscribers showed that nearly 2 in every 3 read all of every issue, with nearly 9 out of 10 reading more than half.

But who are our subscribers, what kind of people? Overwhelmingly, they are business owners, skilled professionals, top and senior management. They are people who fly more than most – 3 or more flights a year, for business or leisure. Half of those subscribers usually or always fly First or Business Class, the other half does so only sometimes or never.

My subscribers are seasoned, somewhat-worldly individuals. Less than 1% are under 30, and most are over 50. Virtually all have a higher than average household income. This newsletter clearly has appeal to people with life experience… successful people. Not too surprising given it is about taking an analytical, strategic approach to decision making – based on discovered insights.

For the majority, air travel is a commodity bought and used – to one degree or another – under sufferance. First Class Flyer subscribers see air travel as something not to be endured, but to be enjoyed.

Would you like to become one?

Fill out the box below or at the right and you can be. You’ll get your eleven free reports, and your first copy of First Class Flyer, and you’ll have 14 days before we debit your credit card so you can be sure that you have made the right decision. I’m so confident you’ll be happy joining, for 90 days, I’ll give you a 100% refund at anytime if you change your mind, for any reason, whatsoever.

If you are not sure, we will gladly not process your payment.

We really do want only satisfied subscribers.

See you up front,

Matthew J. Bennett

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