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The Smart Strategy That Avoids Airline Fees

Airline ticket prices are becoming complicated with added fees for almost everything it seems. Are bathroom fees the future? Ryanair thinks so. But, fear not. There is hope for becoming a fee-free flyer. more >>


Don’t Toss That Boarding Pass

These days, a boarding pass can do more than just get you on the plane. Check out its new multi-faceted (and sometimes electronic) persona. more >>


My Favorite Domestic Business Class Upgrade Strategy on American Airlines

It enables you to mysteriously get a free Business Class upgrade airfare on American Airlines’ routes on which the carrier uses Boeing 777s and 767-200s configured with three cabins… more >>


How to Use American Airline Miles on British Airways

When the US government approved the partnership between American and British Airways, it made the carriers agree that American’s airline miles would not be valid for transatlantic travel on British Airways, and that travel on British Airways would not... more >>


Shared "Inventory Code" Makes Booking First Class Upgrades and Discount Fares Easier

We've discovered something interesting and unique in one of American Airlines' "booking codes" or "inventory codes" for domestic First Class travel that helps identify flights with mileage upgrade availability. more >>


Making Your Miles Go Further In These Hyperinflationary Times

Have you noticed it’s getting harder to ‘spend’ your airline miles? (That’s a rhetorical question.) And that even when you can spend them, how they seem to buy less? The aviation industry is fast becoming the inflation industry – make that the hyperinflation industry – when it comes to frequent flyer miles. It now has 15 trillion unredeemed miles on its books. more >>


Rare Domestic First Class Airfare War through Friday

It’s been a long summer with little relief from high fares, as airlines have made hanging onto a buck into an Olympic sport. Four airlines, however, are loosening the grip on premium fares to close the season with a rare special on domestic Business and First Class travel, offering fares as low as $134, one-way. more >>


Multiply Your American Airlines AAdavantage Program Miles with UK Travel

Here’s an opportunity for members of the American Airlines AAdvantage Program to double, or even triple their frequent flyer miles with travel to the UK ... more >>

Tags: Miles, Europe

American Airlines' AAirpass Program

The American Airlines AAirpass Program card can be used for domestic or international travel on all American Airlines flights. The card is offered in one- and two-year versions ... more >>

Tags: Miles, Domestic

Getting an American Airlines upgrade without paying for an upgrade

This strategy works on American Airlines flights using 777s and 767-200s configured with three cabins (coach, Business Class, and First Class), on which the carrier only sells economy and First Class ... more >>


Scoring Stop-overs and Side Trips on American Airlines Flights to Europe

Airlines with non-stop flights between North America and Europe allow you to choose nearly any city in Europe as your destination and another city as your free stop-over ... more >>

Tags: Miles, Domestic

Last Minute Deals: Air Travel Cash Upgrades

When it's better to spend cash than frequent flyer points. Last-minute Business and First Class upgrades that are great values and worth the extra expenditure of real money vs. miles ... more >>


Iberia Airlines Business Class to Europe for the Price of Coach with American Airlines AAdvantage Program

Iberia Airlines' Business Class cabin is a great place to relax on a flight to Europe, and now it's available to the American Airlines frequent flyer at an economy class rate... more >>


How to Achieve Discount First Class Travel Using American Airlines Flight Certificates

Do you own a business, large or small? Or know someone who does? If so, the following offer can net you First Class domestic fares for $1,099 round-trip, up to 50% off published fares depending on the route… more >>

Tags: Domestic

American Airlines "B Fares" Can Mean a Better Deal on Discount Business Class Travel to South America

There are decent deals on discount Business Class travel to South America if you know this upgrade strategy involving "B fares." Book American Airlines’ lowest economy fares and an upgrade to Business Class will cost 50,000 AAdvantage miles, plus a $600 "upgrade surcharge." But book a 'B' fare, and... more >>


How to get a free one-way upgrade to South America

Open an AAdvantage account by Nov. 30 and you can take advantage of bonus-miles offers tied to your card charges. Spend $750 within four months of becoming a member and you’ll get 20,000 bonus miles – almost enough miles for a one-way Business Class upgrade on American (25,000 miles). more >>


Look for Continental Airlines discount Business Class airfares to Europe in December

If you shop carefully for holiday travel, you may find some Continental Airlines discount Business Class airfares from the US to Europe at astonishing low prices. more >>


Discover Discount Business Class Travel to South America Aboard LAN

Here’s a hot discount Business Class airfare for travelers headed to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos. LAN Chile has low fares to Guayaquil, Ecuador, the jumping-off point for trips to the Galapagos. American and Continental are matching the airlines Business Class fares ... more >>


Get a Discount First Class Airfare to Hawaii With the Hula Loophole

On a per-mile basis, discount First Class airfares to Hawaii can be as low as any fares worldwide. And one of my favorite pricing anomalies can sometimes net a ticket to Hawaii for free. How? Disproportionately low discount First Class airfares from the East Coast, for example... more >>

Tags: Hawaii

Try a United Airlines upgrade for First Class Travel to Hawaii

Upgrade strategies for First Class travel to Hawaii can be more expensive nowadays, owing to some recent changes. One of the best carriers on the mainland to Hawaii route, American Airlines, now imposes a $300 cash surcharge... more >>

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