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British Airways


How to Use American Airline Miles on British Airways

When the US government approved the partnership between American and British Airways, it made the carriers agree that American’s airline miles would not be valid for transatlantic travel on British Airways, and that travel on British Airways would not... more >>


Making Your Miles Go Further In These Hyperinflationary Times

Have you noticed it’s getting harder to ‘spend’ your airline miles? (That’s a rhetorical question.) And that even when you can spend them, how they seem to buy less? The aviation industry is fast becoming the inflation industry – make that the hyperinflation industry – when it comes to frequent flyer miles. It now has 15 trillion unredeemed miles on its books. more >>


British Airways' OpenSkies Lands L’Avion

British Airways today announced the acquisition of Paris-based airline L’Avion, to work in tandem with its own fledgling carrier OpenSkies on routes from New York to Paris Orly. more >>


Seven Carriers Launch 4th Fare Fireworks—More (and Better) Expected to Come

232 years ago, the United States declared independence from England. To show there are no hard feelings, British Airways invites travelers in the colonies to celebrate with round-trip discounted Business Class airfares to London from six US gateways for $1,776—quite a deal. But tarry not (after reading below) ... more >>


Found: The Greatest British Airways Premium Economy Fare Ever ... and it’s Upgradeable to Business Class!

Sometimes, not often, we find discounts on top of already discounted fares ­- a convergence of savings that yields an irresistible deal. With a New York-London round-trip in Brithish Airways’ Premium Economy for $186, this is one of those times... more >>


British Airways Business Class Deal Extended, Fare War Looms

British Airways has announced a limited-time discount on Business Class travel to Europe, and in doing so may have fired the opening salvo in a fare war... more >>

Tags: Europe

New British Airways Business Class Seats ... a Pleasant Surprise

The airline says the rollout of new British Airways Business Class seats is complete on B747s serving New York/JFK-London/Heathrow, with the fleet-wide installation scheduled for completion by mid-2008. more >>

Tags: Seats, Europe

British Airways Offers Executive Club Members Big Savings Through Small Window

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of its loyalty program, Executive Club, British Airways is offering members a 15,000-mile discount on any round-trip reward flight from the US, Canada, or Bermuda, including Business and First Class travel ... more >>

Tags: Europe

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