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The Smart Strategy That Avoids Airline Fees

Airline ticket prices are becoming complicated with added fees for almost everything it seems. Are bathroom fees the future? Ryanair thinks so. But, fear not. There is hope for becoming a fee-free flyer. more >>


Card Issuers Wage a 'WorldPerks War' for Your Business

When Delta acquired Northwest, SkyMiles credit card issuer American Express looked to add millions of former WorldPerks program members. But WorldPerks issuer U.S. Bank had other ideas. Here’s how their battle affects you. more >>


Fly First Class to Hawaii in Northwest Airline’s Sleeper Seats

If you want to fly First Class for the long flight from the mainland to Hawaii, consider departing from the “North Star State.” Northwest is using a new, internationally configured A330 on its Minneapolis-Honolulu route (one flight daily). This is arguably the best airline seat... more >>


Making Your Miles Go Further In These Hyperinflationary Times

Have you noticed it’s getting harder to ‘spend’ your airline miles? (That’s a rhetorical question.) And that even when you can spend them, how they seem to buy less? The aviation industry is fast becoming the inflation industry – make that the hyperinflation industry – when it comes to frequent flyer miles. It now has 15 trillion unredeemed miles on its books. more >>


Find Northwest Airlines’ Latest Upgrade Opportunities in Your Inbox

In an effort to introduce new members to the Northwest Airlines WorldPerks mileage program, and rein in some who have strayed, the carrier is running a promotion where teamwork can help participants score up to 20,000 bonus miles ... more >>

Tags: Miles, Domestic

Timing is Everything to Book Cheap Business Class Tickets to Asia

Book a cheap Business Class ticket at the right time and you can get Europe for $1,100 round-trip or Asia for $1,600 Business Class. That means you can get a cheap Business Class ticket to Asia for even lower than normal -- possibly less than $2,000. more >>

Tags: Asia

Get a Cheap First Class Ticket to Hawaii Aboard Northwest Airlines

The best cheap First Class ticket to Hawaii can be had for about the same money as coach, with Northwest Airlines. But you won't find it the traditional way. If you call Northwest for a quote on a cheap First Class ticket from Los Angeles to Honolulu, you’ll be told... more >>


Best Premium Economy Seat to London is Aboard Virgin Atlantic

The Best Premium Economy seat to London is Virgin Atlantic's Premium Economy seat. Measuring 21 inches wide, it's the biggest Premium Economy seat by three inches, and equivalent to many other airlines' Business Class seats. Covered in sumptuous purple leather... more >>


Discount First Class Airfares to the Caribbean from the Northeast and Midwest

We surveyed over a dozen routes and found that the following destinations have the best discount First Class airfares of $600 to $800 from many US cities: Montego Bay, Santo Domingo, Turks and Caicos, and Bahamas (Nassau). Many other destinations are available... more >>


Try a United Airlines upgrade for First Class Travel to Hawaii

Upgrade strategies for First Class travel to Hawaii can be more expensive nowadays, owing to some recent changes. One of the best carriers on the mainland to Hawaii route, American Airlines, now imposes a $300 cash surcharge... more >>

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