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The Smart Strategy That Avoids Airline Fees

Airline ticket prices are becoming complicated with added fees for almost everything it seems. Are bathroom fees the future? Ryanair thinks so. But, fear not. There is hope for becoming a fee-free flyer. more >>


Getting Married in Jamaica? Check Air Jamaica for a Business Class Airline Ticket Upgrade Strategy on Flights to the Caribbean

Tie the knot in one of the Caribbean destinations served by Air Jamaica and you can get a free Business Class airline ticket. To qualify for the airline’s new Executive Business Class, the bride and groom must book a minimum of 22 seats (including themselves)... more >>


Making Your Miles Go Further In These Hyperinflationary Times

Have you noticed it’s getting harder to ‘spend’ your airline miles? (That’s a rhetorical question.) And that even when you can spend them, how they seem to buy less? The aviation industry is fast becoming the inflation industry – make that the hyperinflation industry – when it comes to frequent flyer miles. It now has 15 trillion unredeemed miles on its books. more >>


United and Lufthansa Announce Corporate Mileage Plan Merger

United Airlines and Lufthansa have combined their corporate mileage plans for small and medium-sized businesses. Operating under United’s existing PerksPlus brand, the joint program works in addition to both airlines’ frequent flyer programs (United’s Mileage Plus and Lufthansa’s Miles & More)... more >>


Free Elite Status with United, In the Mail

While this is sure to upset those who’ve earned it the hard way, United Airlines has mailed a promotion to receive free Premier Executive elite status membership for 90 days. It’s a good reason to keep an eye out in your mailbox because... more >>


Last Minute Deals: Air Travel Cash Upgrades

When it's better to spend cash than frequent flyer points. Last-minute Business and First Class upgrades that are great values and worth the extra expenditure of real money vs. miles ... more >>


Psst ... Code-Share Discrepancy Nets Enormous Discount on Business Class Flights to Europe

Great fares discovered in a discrepancy between the Business Class fares offered by two code-share partners, Lufthansa and United, on three all-Business Class routes ... more >>

Tags: Europe

Continental Business Class Flights Skyrocket with OnePass

Continental Airlines recently announced "'updates" to its OnePass mileage program, making an uninviting program more costly. Effective Feb. 1, 2008, the changes (mainly increases in reward levels), primarily target Business and First Class travelers. more >>


How to Use Your United Miles to Net Discount Business and First Class Flights to Hong Kong

Booking premium mileage award travel on United Airlines to Asia can be daunting. Lacking significant competition, fares are sky high and so is demand for free seats and upgrades... more >>

Tags: Asia

For Discount Business Class Travel Upgrades, Check Award Charts For Discrepancies

The differences between one airline’s mileage award and another can yield little-known and lucrative values. The "formula" used to determine the number of miles it costs for a given award, such as discount Business Class travel for the price of coach, varies widely... more >>


The United Airlines Business Class Seat Aboard a B757 is More Spacious than Expected

United Airlines offers “premium service” (p.s.) aboard B757s between New York and Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Business Class cabin on these flights feels extraordinarily roomy, owing to a seven-foot open area between rows eight and nine to serve the emergency exits. more >>


Fly Business Class to Australia on United With a Quick and Easy Upgrade Strategy

With 15,000 United frequent flyer miles, you can upgrade one of the airline’s heavily discounted domestic US flights one-way. With the same number of miles, you can upgrade a “B” economy fare to fly Business Class to Australia. more >>


A United Airlines Business Class seat to Asia Isn’t What We Expected

Book a United Airlines Business Class seat to Asia and you expect to fly United, right? Not necessarily. Premium Business Class seats vary widely from one airline to another -- and from one aircraft to another. more >>

Tags: Asia

Discount Business Class Airfares to the Middle East Aboard Austrian Airlines

Book online and Austrian Airlines will take you to several destinations in Europe and the Middle East with only three days notice at specially discounted Business Class airfares from New York/JFK. These discount Business Class airfares start at $2,446 (normally $5,000+). more >>


Best Premium Economy Seat to London is Aboard Virgin Atlantic

The Best Premium Economy seat to London is Virgin Atlantic's Premium Economy seat. Measuring 21 inches wide, it's the biggest Premium Economy seat by three inches, and equivalent to many other airlines' Business Class seats. Covered in sumptuous purple leather... more >>


Discount First Class Airfares to the Caribbean from the Northeast and Midwest

We surveyed over a dozen routes and found that the following destinations have the best discount First Class airfares of $600 to $800 from many US cities: Montego Bay, Santo Domingo, Turks and Caicos, and Bahamas (Nassau). Many other destinations are available... more >>


Try a United Airlines upgrade for First Class Travel to Hawaii

Upgrade strategies for First Class travel to Hawaii can be more expensive nowadays, owing to some recent changes. One of the best carriers on the mainland to Hawaii route, American Airlines, now imposes a $300 cash surcharge... more >>


Discount First Class travel without using any frequent flyer miles (Aruba for less than free)

The first rule of discount First Class travel is try to make your destination into a stopover point and you can often get a reasonable fare plus a free side trip beyond. You can work this strategy for many destinations. more >>

Tags: Domestic

Discount First Class travel Made Easy With a Sure-fire Strategy for Upgrading From Business to First

There’s nothing sweeter than a First Class seat on a three-class aircraft. Our favorite strategy for obtaining discount First Class travel to Asia involves knowing the cities that offer the lowest Business Class airfares... more >>

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