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Making Your Miles Go Further In These Hyperinflationary Times

Have you noticed it’s getting harder to ‘spend’ your airline miles? (That’s a rhetorical question.) And that even when you can spend them, how they seem to buy less? The aviation industry is fast becoming the inflation industry – make that the hyperinflation industry – when it comes to frequent flyer miles. It now has 15 trillion unredeemed miles on its books. more >>


Elites Status Party Over at US Airways?

US Airways’ balance sheets are apparently showing so much red ink that the carrier is implementing a “new business model,” detailed in a recent press release today. more >>


Two Airlines Join Discount Business Class Fares to Europe Scene—But Don't Jump Yet!

I've closely tracked summer discount Business Class fares to Europe since they began, and I can tell you that this year's deals seem predictable, and good ... more >>


Last Minute Deals: Air Travel Cash Upgrades

When it's better to spend cash than frequent flyer points. Last-minute Business and First Class upgrades that are great values and worth the extra expenditure of real money vs. miles ... more >>


US Airways' Dividend Miles Program to Give Less Dividend, Fewer Miles

In a news release issued late last week, US Airways' Dividend Miles Program announced two policy changes: One will make it more difficult to accrue miles, the other will make it more costly to redeem them ... more >>


US Airways Upgrades Business Class

US Airways has announced that in January 2008 they will begin installing new “near lie-flat seats” in international Business Class cabins on B767 aircraft which currently cover many European routes... more >>

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For Discount Business Class Travel Upgrades, Check Award Charts For Discrepancies

The differences between one airline’s mileage award and another can yield little-known and lucrative values. The "formula" used to determine the number of miles it costs for a given award, such as discount Business Class travel for the price of coach, varies widely... more >>


Discount First Class Airfares to the Caribbean from the Northeast and Midwest

We surveyed over a dozen routes and found that the following destinations have the best discount First Class airfares of $600 to $800 from many US cities: Montego Bay, Santo Domingo, Turks and Caicos, and Bahamas (Nassau). Many other destinations are available... more >>


Discount Business Class airfare opportunities for international travel are abundant with US Airways Dividend Miles

US Airways is one of the few carriers that have no restrictions on how many airline miles you can buy annually. There’s a 50,000 mile limit per purchase, but no limit to the number of purchases. more >>


Try a United Airlines upgrade for First Class Travel to Hawaii

Upgrade strategies for First Class travel to Hawaii can be more expensive nowadays, owing to some recent changes. One of the best carriers on the mainland to Hawaii route, American Airlines, now imposes a $300 cash surcharge... more >>

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