Aussie Gold Found In Business Class. Fill Your Bucket Now, With Miles Or Points, At 86% Off.

Get while the getting’s good and you’ll be sitting pretty in this bucket list hotspot when the lockdown ends.

Business Class fares to Down Under can cost you way over. I’m talking $6,000 to $10,000 prices that most will balk at. And many won’t fly anywhere in coach, especially that far, unless a chiropractor is tagging along. So what’s the happy middle ground (that’s not in the middle of the Pacific Ocean) when you won’t pay 8 grand and won’t fly in coach?

What’s more, when considering miles, you’re usually looking at a double or triple mileage award to get to Australia. I’m talking in the 352,000 to 390,000-mile price range. Starting to get the picture, mate?

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