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*Some Partner awards may be dynamic and differ slightly from below. web-team is working on updating the web-site functionality to account for new ranges in pricing.

*Some Partner awards may be dynamic and differ slightly from below. web-team is working on updating the web-site functionality to account for new ranges in pricing.

In the meantime, please double check all partner pricing before committing to travel or points transfer plans.

For up to two travelers (and possibly more), FCF’s research team has discovered an opportunity to save up to $26,365/88% if you don’t have any miles and want to pay in cash or 220,000 miles when compared to normal/everyday prices traveling to/from the U.S.

Sample Savings via American Express, Capital One and Citi’s points-to-miles transfer partnership with Cathay Pacific: New York to Hong Kong’s normal/everyday price can often be 360,000 when using American miles but when you transfer from Amex Rewards Points to partner Cathay Pacific the cost can be as low as 320,000 miles.


American Airlines is currently running a deal whereby miles can be acquired for as low as 2.4¢ each (includes taxes and processing fee), through a new, up to 35% discount purchase promo, if you need to top-off.

More Info on American Airlines Promotion.


The published First Class fare on Cathay Pacific’s New York to Hong Kong route is $30,100 r/t; through the American Airlines purchase strategy, you can pay $3,735 r/t (includes about $67 in award tax), a savings of $26,365 (88%).

New to buying miles? Know: Beginner’s Guide: How to Play the “Buy Miles to Fly In Style” Strategy to Net Up to 86% Off Premium Travel.

More here on getting flights (based on availability) from around the U.S. to the hub (New York) AND/OR flights from the destination (Hong Kong) to Asia.

More here on The Golden Key to Unlocking Lucrative Miles & Points Opportunities: FCF’s Sweet Redeems Part I and Part II–The Golden Key to Unlocking Lucrative Miles & Points: How to Use FCF’s Sweet Redeems to Save Up to 92% on First Class Flights (When You Don’t Have Any or Enough Miles or Point.

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Everybody knows how frequently airfares change (some estimates claim that there are up to 500,000 fare changes daily). Because that’s a few too many for First Class Flyer to keep up with, FCF cannot guarantee that all fares discussed will be available when you go to make a booking. Also, for the sake of quick and easy “executive summary” format, all fare rules and restrictions can’t possibly be included. Fares quoted usually include the average taxes and fees for the routes in the chart.

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