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Fares on Transcontinental routes can easily run $1,300+ if you’re not careful.

Fares on Transcontinental routes can easily run $1,300+ if you’re not careful.

Sample Savings for Business Class: San Francisco to Cincinnati goes for $615 round-trip. Compared to the normal fare at $885, a savings of $270 (31%).

Note: Fares work either direction for: San Francisco to Cincinnati, Miami to Denver, Salt Lake City to New York, Las Vegas to New York, Boston to Las Vegas, Seattle to New York, Orlando to Los Angeles, and Seattle to Boston.

Remember that Flash Airfares—which can change any time and probably will, generally within a day or two, more or less—can be extended, see FCF’s March report for details on How to Lock in Amazing Premium Flash Fares to Use Later.

  • Ticketing Deadline: Varies
  • Advance Purchase: Varies
  • Departure/Return Travel Days: Varies
  • Travel Window: Varies
  • Minimum Stay: Varies
  • Maximum Stay: Varies

For Travel Agents: If your travel agent or airline reservationist is having difficulty finding these fares, provide them the “Fare Basis Code(s)”, which they can use to pull up a “Fare List” in their computer, which will give them the fare’s “rules” to help navigate to the deal: Delta, Z; American, I; JetBlue, I.

Screenshot of sample fare on delta.com:

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