Eight Great Ways to Get Emirates First Class Suite Using Miles or Money or Both—Up to 82% Off

Save up to 50% using miles, up to 41% using money, or buy miles to save 82% to/from Dubai (or beyond) or non-stop New York-Milan.

The Emirates First Class suite (only on its A380 and B777 fleet) is one of the best First Class suites in the air. The shoulder-high enclosed compartment has privacy sliding doors. Depending on the aircraft/route, the suite count ranges from 8 to 14, configured 1x2x1. Each suite has a 79-inch-long, lie-flat seat, personal mini-bar, vanity table, mirror, wardrobe, and 27-inch-wide monitor. On the A380 suite passengers also get the use of the Shower Spas. Experience the suite in detail.

Emirates’ A380s and B777s Fly to 13 Cities in North America

Routes to/from the Middle East with the First Class Suite on A380 aircraft—to/from Dubai: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington, DC, as well as New York-Milan. (See all Emirates A380 routes here.)

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