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For up to two travelers (and possibly more), FCF research reveals free mileage award seats in First Class for 136,250 one-way between Dubai and New York using Emirates miles or 120,000 miles with Japan Airlines miles.

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If you need Emirates Skyward Miles you can transfer Amex Rewards points or save up to 59% Off with Amex Rewards simply by purchasing Amex Rewards points, at 2.5¢ each (up to 500,000 per year permitted), First Class, between Dubai and New York, will cost you about $3,626 one-way (including taxes) for a seat that otherwise goes for as much as $8,892.

Sample Savings with Japan Miles via Marriott’s points-to-miles transfer partnership: Dubai to New York for only 120,000 Japan Airline miles one-way.

Route4 to 8 Days
Per Month Available
9 to 12 Days
Per Month Available
Dubai to New YorkSept., Oct.May, June
*Months in black at least one seat available; in blue at least two seats.

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Everybody knows how frequently airfares change (some estimates claim that there are up to 500,000 fare changes daily). Because that’s a few too many for First Class Flyer to keep up with, FCF cannot guarantee that all fares discussed will be available when you go to make a booking. Also, for the sake of quick and easy “executive summary” format, all fare rules and restrictions can’t possibly be included. Fares quoted usually include the average taxes and fees for the routes in the chart.