Africa, Asia, Europe, India and The Middle East Via London (and a Very Nice Loophole)

Big Ben, Small Fare: British Airways’ cheap London layover for Business or First Class travel breaks UP your trip nicely. 

Keen readers will know we’ve been, as the British say, “banging on” about the Stopover Loophole Strategy (SLS) in these pages.

Why the British? Very glad you asked, mate. This month we look at the SLS specifically with a British Airways bent, which opens up a whole range of destinations all over the globe. SLS is a tried-and-true FCF favorite strategy, which is made even more desirable by the fact that you can throw in a stop in lovely London for an unbelievably small amount of bees and honey (money). As good as these Business Class deals via London are, we’ll also show you how to save even more with two other discounts. Plus, we’ll give you a taste of how the SLS to London can work for those of you hankering to fly in First Class.

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