FCF Marks the Spot for High-End Package Deals to the Caribbean (No Pirates Allowed)

Save up to 36% on five-star hotels when you book them together with flights.

Last month we packaged up some juicy tropical-flavored Hawaiian deals for flights and hotels. This month we’re doing the same, only a little closer to home for many – in the glorious warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

Package deals are a funny thing. Many travelers look down on them as a low-end booking approach. But they can be as valuable as buried treasure, offering premium seats and high-star hotels — for much less. Intended as an incentive, these deals are negotiated by airlines and hotels well ahead of time, so lower prices are built into the system intermittently. In my experience, the price difference between package deals and buying fares and accommodations separately can sometimes be huge. Let’s dig for treasure.

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