COVID-19 Response: How FCF is trying to do our part with hope and personal help.

Forward Thinking: What FCF Is Doing For You Now In These Uncertain Times

First of all, I hope you’re all doing okay during this uncertain time and that you and your family are well. Here at FCF, we’ve been hard at work (remotely) planning a strategy for our members by looking ahead toward their future travels and what we can do to help right now. Here’s a quick reminder of highlights from last month: We explained why I just booked a round-the-world ticket and the risk and reward factors of booking with cash and miles right now.

What Is FCF Doing for Members During Covid-19?

For FCF members in crisis, we are offering free personal emergency phone consulting. It works like this: If you or a family member is ill and needs an urgent flight, we’ll do everything we can to help you. While flights are limited, we are offering free personal phone consultations with myself and my staff on how to implement our ticketing strategies for emergency travel needs.

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