Hot Deals to Exotic Tropics—With Amex, Citibank, and Marriott Points

Colorful underwater seascapes, white sand beaches, top-notch resorts… the Maldives has it all, and you can catch it now with our Sweet Redeems treasure map using Emirates and Qatar flights.

Vijaya really needed to get away from it all. Tough year, work stress, you know the drill. So what better getaway than the Maldives? With more than 1,000 tropical islands and 26 colorful coral atolls to explore, the Maldives in the Indian Ocean is a destination that deserves its spot at the top of any beach-going traveler’s wish list.

Oh, who’s Vijaya? His visit to the Maldives was the earliest ever written about, back around 500 BC. He was King Vijaya in fact (of the Sinhalese) and he took a couple hundred followers with him.

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