March Transcon & Hula Loophole Update

Fares have dropped 20%+ on American since last month, while Delta and United are holding steady, and you can still get to Hawaii and the Caribbean for free with a smart strategy

As we predicted in our 2023 Crystal Ball report published in January, due to layoffs and recession-grabbing headlines, transcon fares have now decreased in altitude by more than 20% in just the last month on American airlines for non-red-eye and 6 a.m. flights. What’s more, current turbulent market dynamics mean that fares are dropping sooner than we predicted, so here’s the latest.

Business Class Fare Changes Between New York & Los Angeles Nonstop

American Airlines — dropping up to 20%: Close in through the end of April, the lowest fare we’ve found is $2,498, down from $3,048. American has a handful of the lowest fares for travel in June and July with some days as low as $1,398; otherwise it’s between $1,798 and $2,198 on most days, down from $2,498.

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