New Hawaiian Package Deals So Hot You’ll Need ‘Shave Ice’ to Cool Off

Save up to $4,575 (39%) to Hawaii with one of the world’s simplest premium travel strategies

Dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation any time soon? We suggest you also dream of a lottery win, Bitcoin price surge, or inheritance from Great Aunt Mirabelle. Yes, that’s right. Along with everything else in these 50 states, Hawaiian prices, flights, AND hotels, are at Mauna Kea levels of altitude, and volcanic levels of magmatude.

So we did what we always do here at FCF — we knocked back some pineapple shave ice, as the Hawaiians call it, and strummed our ukuleles in search of inspiration. It arrived in the form of a package…deal. We actually found a few, saving you between 25% and 39%. That 39%, incidentally, equates to $4,575. Think of how many luaus you could have with that sort of cash tucked under your hula hoop.

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