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Sample Savings for Business Class: Baltimore to Athens goes for $2,126 round-trip (inclusive). Compared to a high fare no advance route, such as Paris at $8,032 (inclusive), a savings of $5,906 (74%).

For more on how to be an Opportunity Traveler and take advantage of low fare routes, go here.

Also, refer back to FCF’s article on How Open-Jaw Itineraries and Airfares Can Save You From Getting Bitten.

Upgrading on American: From Business to First Class takes 50,000 miles round-trip plus $1,100 co-pay. For more information, go here.

Remember that Flash Airfares—which can change any time and probably will, generally within a day or two, more or less—can be extended on 13 airline websites (plus as many as 15 partner airlines). See FCF’s August report for details on  How to Hold Amazing Business and First Class Flash Fares Before They Disappear into a Black Hole.

  • Ticketing Deadline: Varies
  • Advance Purchase: No advance
  • Departure/Return Travel Days: Mon. through Thurs.
  • Travel Window: Varies
  • Minimum Stay: Varies
  • Maximum Stay: Varies

For Travel Agents: If your travel agent or airline reservationist is having difficulty finding these fares, provide them the “Fare Basis Code(s)”, which they can use to pull up a “Fare List” in their computer, which will give them the fare’s “rules” to help navigate to the deal: Alitalia, American, Iberia, I.

Sample Business Class Fares to Europe

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Everybody knows how frequently airfares change (some estimates claim that there are up to 500,000 fare changes daily). Because that’s a few too many for First Class Flyer to keep up with, FCF cannot guarantee that all fares discussed will be available when you go to make a booking. Also, for the sake of quick and easy “executive summary” format, all fare rules and restrictions can’t possibly be included. Fares quoted usually include the average taxes and fees for the routes in the chart.