Our Motto

What kid doesn’t like to get into the circus by slipping under the tent?

It’s a thrill that beats the thrill of the circus itself.

Ah, but then we turn into adults.

Hopefully—to a greater or lesser extent—into responsible adults: We become aware that if everyone snuck under the tent there’d be no circus.

The more time I spend in the business of getting members ‘through the curtain’ into First Class or Business—either upgraded from economy or at a fare far below the normal fare—the more I find myself questioning things I didn’t question in my more youthful days.

Would I have flown on a mistake fare, for instance, back then.


Would I now?


And not just for reasons of the fine print, although that’s good enough reason: airlines can be merciless on those who exploit simple errors.

It’s all about flying in comfort. Exploiting another’s mistake is discomforting to most folk.

The Internet’s awash with all manner of tip offs on how to rip off.

For us, ‘Premium seating, cheap without cheating’ has the right ring to it.

FCF is invariably creative and often ingenious

Prof. Thomas Y. Levin

Princeton University
Bennett is an authority on premium travel ticketing strategies

New York Times

I trust Bennett

Bud Collins

International Tennis Hall of Fame
For people who fly up front

The Wall Street Journal

I can't say enough about Matthew

Paul Haggis

Two-Time Academy Award Winner, Best Pictures
Upgrade secrets and strategies… fly in business class for the price of coach

Condé Nast Traveler

A crucial resource… packed with insider tips

Los Angeles Times

Matthew is outstanding at what he does

Ari Fleischer

Former White House
Press Secretary;
Fleischer Sports CEO
An exclusive website… finds reduced fares and free upgrades

Four Seasons Resorts Magazine

Bennett is top-of-mind when thinking about upgrading

Tod Cohen

General Counsel and Vice President at StubHub
The best resource I know for ‘tricks’ is Matthew Bennett's First Class Flyer

The New York Times

I jumped on Bennett's Biz Class alert to Europe starting at $1,450 r/t

Lawrence Pass, MD

Heart Surgeon Nashville, TN
The insider site

Departures Magazine

Bennett's FCF is not only the most informative newsletter of its kind, but it's a genuinely fun and interesting read.

Prof. Michael Beckerman

New York University
Mr. Upgrade shares his secrets for flying first class at economy fares


Loaded with tips on flying in comfort without paying the exorbitant fares

Chicago Tribune

Specializes in finding cheaper luxury flights for executives


First Class Flyer is a must-read

Entrepreneur Magazine

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