Our SLS New Year Kickoff: Get Ready for Fireworks in 2021

Aruba? Grand Cayman? St. Croix? You can have them for nothing with the SLS.

Our infamous Stopover Loophole Strategy (SLS) is being particularly productive right now. Along with welcoming in the new year with champagne and celebrations, the FCF research team were on their computers welcoming new ways to maximize your savings with this strategy. There might be as big an appetite for these deals as there is to saying good riddance to 2020!

The SLS is based on what’s called a “stopover allowance,” which is offered by a number of airlines. A stopover is defined as a planned stop between flight segments on a trip, i.e., more than four hours for domestic flights and 24 hours for international trips. The loophole we’re talking about here is that these stops are sometimes “allowed” for free for stays longer than 24 hours, or for a very small fee. So rather than thinking of them as something to avoid when you’re booking travel, think of them as a chance to score a side vacation (for days or weeks) in a great destination for nothing (or close to it). And believe it or not, it actually costs less to do this in some cases.

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