Psychoanalyzing Current Business Class Fare Trends to Europe

Psychoanalyzing Current Business Class Fare Trends to Europe


They’ve experienced a character change (for the better, largely). Here’s what has happened with Business Fares to Europe over the last 120 days, the product of FCF’s 100+ daily alerts and more than 1,170 hours of research.

Most major airlines used to live in fear that their corporate customers (AKA: bread and butter) would see the sticker price of flash sales to Europe (about $1,500) and go crazy because they were spending five or six grand for that ticket.

Of course, their corporate customers couldn’t take advantage of those sales because they had to plan in advance and flash sales often lasted for a day or two or less.

In the last four months though, something astonishing has happened: Flash sales are no longer flash sales. All indications are that they are now dependably low fares (meaning they’ll be there tomorrow, say about half the time anyway). Over the spring and summer you were able to nab Europe from the U.S. starting at $1,750 (East Coast) to $2,200 (West Coast), somewhat reliably, if you were a little flexible as to dates and routes.

The other big change is that many low fares no longer require a 150-day advance purchase. Now the requirement is often 50 days.

Don’t get too comfortable, though. There’s still an element of “here today” to these fares, which FCF thinks the airlines use to keep us ready to pull the trigger. But they’re clearly trying to quell the ire of those corporate customers, or better said, feel that they can get away with these fares as corporate clients come to accept them.

One thing hasn’t changed: Large fare differences that do not make sense, logistically.

On July 20, for example, the lowest fare we found—after exhaustive research—to Europe from LAX was to Bucharest ($2,300, historically $5k+). Munich, on the other hand, cost $3,900+. The moral: Have a flex-itinerary or mentality. Being locked into one route can cost you dearly, just as it does if you’re locked into one airline loyalty program.

In years past: The best deals to Europe were all about “time-of-year” seasons.

Now: It’s about which city. Be flexible (the trans-Atlantic leg is still the key as far as Comfort Criticality is Concerned) and be ready to book a separate ticket to your destination, or just savor the deal you got.

For more on how to be an Opportunity Traveler, go here, because the world opens up like an oyster. Your oyster.

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