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While we’re all grounded right now, we don’t have to ground all future aspirations. Look forward to highly unusual Upgrade Opportunities bookable now for travel later this year and next year.

Flash Deal Summary

American has been notoriously stingy when it came to confirmable availability of AAdvantage discount Business Class redemptions, almost without exception. Not any more.

American has been notoriously stingy when it came to confirmable availability of AAdvantage discount Business Class redemptions, almost without exception. Not any more.

For up to four travelers (and possibly more), FCF’s research team has discovered an opportunity to save up $2,628/60% if you don’t have any miles and want to pay in cash or 150,000 miles when compared to normal/everyday prices traveling to/from the U.S.

See FCF’s Risk of Booking Tickets Now widget for more information on the risks of booking mileage tickets.

Sample Savings via American Express and Citi’s points-to-miles transfer partnership with Cathay Pacific: Miami to Tokyo’s normal/everyday price can often be 240,000 when using American Airlines miles but if you use Amex Rewards Points partner Cathay Pacific miles the cost can be as low as 155,000 miles.


American Airlines is currently running a deal whereby miles can be acquired for as low as 1.84¢ each (includes taxes and processing fee), through a new, up to 65% bonus miles buy promo + save 5%.

More Info on American Airlines purchase promotion.

The published Business Class fare on American Airlines’ Miami to Tokyo route is $4,358 r/t; through the American Airlines purchase strategy, you can pay $2,288 r/t (includes about $56 in award tax), a savings of $2,070 (47%).

Who is buying miles for? In general FCF wouldn’t recommend buying miles right now unless you have a planned trip, or if you don’t have any miles in your kitty, or don’t have a credit card that allows you to buy points.

New to buying miles? Know: FCF’s Beginner’s Guide: How to Play the “Buy Miles to Fly In Style” Strategy to Net Up to 90% Off Premium Travel.

More here on getting flights (based on availability) from the destination (Tokyo) to all over Asia.

Note: The award availability in this alert is based on a one-stop flight from Miami (connecting via Dallas) to Tokyo, departures from any other U.S. city could be two stops, that being connecting via Miami and Dallas. Also note that some domestic segments may be in economy.

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Everybody knows how frequently airfares change (some estimates claim that there are up to 500,000 fare changes daily). Because that’s a few too many for First Class Flyer to keep up with, FCF cannot guarantee that all fares discussed will be available when you go to make a booking. Also, for the sake of quick and easy “executive summary” format, all fare rules and restrictions can’t possibly be included. Fares quoted usually include the average taxes and fees for the routes in the chart.