Str-AA-ightjacket: Don’t Get Tied Down by American’s Credit Cards When Better Options Are Available

16 ways AA credit cards stifle your premium travel opportunities and why Amex and Chase cards/points are the way to go.

All you readers with AA co-branded credit cards better sit down. If you’re sitting down, it’s time to lie down. And preferably in a premium cabin lie-flat seat — IF you’re able to get one, which is MUCH less likely given the credit cards you keep in your wallet.

It’s because of this simple, no-brainer fact: When you’re not shackled to one airline loyalty program, be it AA or any other one, you gain the flexibility to shop around and fly the cheapest airline. Or better yet, to find the ones with the best seats and/or schedule. You might even hit the trifecta: cheapest fare, best seats, and best schedule.

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