Tasty Side Dishes: The Stopover Loophole Strategy with Etihad

Serve Up Low Fares with FCF’s Stopover Loophole Strategy via Etihad.

An eagle-eyed member of FCF’s research team found this nifty nugget while researching our Buyer’s Guide to India, also in this issue. As she puts it, “I did a bunch of research and found that Etihad is one of the few airlines that allows a free stop, and a lightbulb went off—that fits our Stopover Loophole Strategy.” And voila, she just created more work for herself, scoring free side-trips for you to Africa, Asia, India, the Middle East, and the Maldives.

What is the Stopover Loophole Strategy?

The Stopover Loophole Strategy (SLS) has been popular with FCF readers since we started to report on it more, most recently here, here, and here. This time we show you how to put it to work on Etihad.

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