The Two Things Inflexible Travelers (and Others) Should Know About Scoring Qsuites for Up to 80% Off

While not cheap, Qatar Airways “Flexi” awards can save you up to 80% off a top Business Class seat, with point transfer bonuses or buying miles direct

This one’s for you, less-flexible Floyd. By that I mean the person who has a board meeting to attend, or their cousin Carmy’s wedding, or a desert solar eclipse to catch — all on a specific date. You know the drill. We often talk about 70%, 80%, and 90%-off deals for flexible travelers, but fully understand that not everyone has the luxury of always being flexible. So, this one’s for the “gotta be in Doha on the 17th” kinda person who still wants to save some money. Sound good? Let’s go.

Remember Anytime Awards?

Readers over 40 may remember that airlines used to have “anytime awards,” which essentially cost you about twice as many miles to fly on any date you wanted. If you were totally inflexible on dates back then, the airlines had you over a Niagara Falls barrel. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. These days, “dynamic awards” have replaced them. For inflexible flyers, they’re generally ridiculously high in price. Let’s take a look at what’s replaced anytime awards on American, also known as “dynamic pricing.”

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