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World Champion Airfare Strategy Still Slam Dunking—At $617 Per Business Class Long-Haul Flight Segment

Fly Business Class for the cost of coach from more U.S. than ever with LSS.

We call it the “Leg Stretch Strategy (LSS)” and it takes seemingly everyday intercontinental trips to NBA-like heights of savings. Our team constantly keeps an eye on Leg Stretch opportunities for readers and once again they’ve come up with a buzzer-beating winner involving Europe and South America.

FCF’s Leg Stretch Strategy on the Chalkboard

Gather in close team, here’s the play. The Leg Stretch Strategy (LSS) works best for the person who will travel (or would like to travel) to Europe at least twice in one year and to South America once. If that’s not in your game plan, maybe you should consider it, because the Business Class prices on these routes are lower than coach in many instances.

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