A Freudian Analysis of FCF’s “Sweet Redeems”

A Freudian Analysis of FCF’s “Sweet Redeems”


FCF coined the term “Sweet Redeems”; here’s what this highly desirable travel term means along with recent examples.

Some people dream of winning the lottery. Others of playing shortstop for the Yankees. We at First Class Flyer dream of rare mileage award availability with top airlines and destinations .

Sweet Redeems
Many people have a stack of award miles up their sleeve but can’t use them because of poor availability. That’s where we come in. We find what we call “Sweet Redeems.” Sweet Redeems are routes and airlines with low-cost Business and First Class mileage award availability, and we alert you to them.

Our global team spends countless hours trawling to find even one Sweet Redeem needle in the haystack. That saves you time, money and tired eyes staring at a screen (when they could otherwise be engaged in sweet dreams.).

So vivid are they, we call them Sweet Redeems.

We’ve made Sweet Redeems a priority because they address a big travel problem: having a nice quiver of award miles while airlines offer poor availability of redemptions at the lowest “saver” levels. It’s like having lots of cake—and never being able to eat it.

Sweet Redeems are hard to come by, even for FCF’s team of researchers digging for them on a daily basis. The average person has four dreams every night. First Class Flyer might have four Sweet Redeems in a week—you can analyze them in our daily alert section.

But that’s the “sweet” part. They are very lucrative for the premium traveler. Also sweet is that FCF saves you the nightmare of searching for them yourself—a frustrating, bleary-eyed experience.

The best way to explain a Sweet Redeem is to show recent examples.

Recent First Class Sweet Redeems and their Interpretations

On December 17 (after some tossing and turning) we found free First Class mileage award seats on Singapore Airlines between the U.S. and Asia. Our interpretation: An aspect of your search for nirvana. Let it lead you to Singapore and beyond.

On December 19 we found free First Class award availability on Korean Air between the U.S. and Asia. Our interpretation: A desire to do some Seoul searching. (It’s an under-rated city.)

On December 21 we found free First Class award availability on Lufthansa between the U.S. and Europe. Our interpretation: A Wurst-case scenario, which you can satisfy in Frankfurt or Munich, Lufthansa’s two major hubs.

On December 27 we found free First Class mileage award seats on United between the U.S. and the South Pacific. Our interpretation: Pure escapism. (And what’s wrong with that?)

On December 27 we found free First Class award availability on Emirates between Washington, DC and Dubai, and on December 30 found free First Class award seats on Etihad between the U.S. and Abu Dhabi. Our interpretation: You’re longing to fill a gulf in your travel life.

On December 28 we found free Business Class mileage award seats on Singapore between the U.S. and Manchester. Our interpretation: You’re goal-oriented, headed to Old Trafford to see Manchester United play.

There’s a bunch of FCF Sweet Redeems in just a short period. Our team of researchers won’t sleep until they find more. And you? You can sleep tight in the knowledge that all you have to do is sleepwalk here to find them.

Sweet dreamszzzzzz.