Flight of Fancy: British Airways Business-to-First Class Mileage Upgrades to London

How valuable are American and BA miles for High Flyers these days?

For all the stories we hear of people jumping on “spite flights” (where folks expend all their locked-up lockdown frustration 40,000 feet in the sky), there are many choosing to stay more cautious and close to home.

For every watercooler yarn you hear about the Amalfi Coast, there’s one about that trip to Home Depot where “I can’t believe I ran into my podiatrist again.” Okay team, let’s bring it in close: Now’s a good time to break those shackles and gettheheckouttahere. You’re hearing it straight from me: Book while the bookings are still good. Deals are only going to be harder to find from now on, as travel restrictions are being lifted by the day, and demand is ever-increasing.

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