How I Scored (Now Hard-to-Get) Cheap First Class Caviar & Shower Flights to Europe Using a Little-Known Waitlist Strategy

Some award seats never show up online. Here’s how to find ‘em

If you are a bags-packed dream-trip opportunist, or a willing-to-upgrade-till-the-end maestro, fasten your seatbelt. I have a secret strategy that can open up discount award space for $27,000 tickets you won’t be able to snag any other way.

What’s a Waitlist?

Waitlisting is where you’re put on a list for seats that aren’t currently available in the booking category you desire. Airlines have historically used waitlists as an insurance policy when they don’t sell all their seats, in that excess inventory is released to those on the waitlist. In this case today, we’ll examine Emirates’ liberal release of their premium seats for discount miles redemption close to departure.

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