How the Latest New Transatlantic Business Class Fare Category Impacts The Upgrade Mindset

The “2-to-8 Rate” is the latest EasyUp fare innovation. Crossing the pond with family or friends? Learn about this new airfare category to get unpublicized discounts of up to 47%.

I have to hand it to the airlines on this one for exploiting a market niche: two-to-eight travelers on the same itinerary (AKA the family, extended family, or group of friends). That’s why FCF calls these fares “2-to-8 Rates.” They’re reminiscent of American Express’ International Airline Program (IAP), which offers a free companion ticket with the purchase of a full-fare premium ticket. But the IAP cost is usually more than buying two discount tickets if you plan ahead, so most people don’t even think about it (more on when you should consider Amex’s IAP coming soon).

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