Lufthansa First Class Upgrade Update: Good News & Bad News

Short notice opportunities are down, but routes and deals are up on one of the biggest upgrade opportunities to Europe this month.

Over the last two months we reported that Lufthansa’s First Class is back in the game to Europe with available seats found at 19 days out. And in our report, Euro Game Changing First Class Upgrades, Part 2, we found First Class seats available as far out as 28 days on prime routes, instead of the usual 14.

First, Who Can Benefit From Last Minute
Availability So Close to Departure anyway?

  • The Last-Minute “Opportunity” Traveler, who we describe here.
  • The You-Already-Have-an-Award-Ticket-in-a-Lesser-Class Traveler. More on that here.
  • The Can’t-Find-a-Round-Trip-in-First-Class Flyer. Fly Lufthansa First Class on your night flight and return in Business Class for your day flight on an award ticket.
  • The First-Class-Fares-Are-Steep-So-You-Purchased-Business-Class Traveler. More on that here.
  • The First-Class-Wasn’t-Available-So-You-Booked-a-Business-Class-Award Person. More about that here.

We questioned whether the new trend would change when travel picks up. Well, over the last month it looked like availability was returning closer to 14 days out again. Bummer.

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