More Secrets on Exploiting the Delta-Virgin Amex-Chase Loophole, Part II

Last month we told you about a doozy of a loophole: how you can use the miles of Delta partner Virgin Atlantic to buy Delta flights very cheaply. We’re talking 5 times less than using Delta’s own miles, and at times with 20+ times the availability. It’s an amazing find (thanks, FCF research team) so we’ll recap it below and include important information about the routes that can be booked online or by phone only.

A Recap of the Delta Loophole

Delta only releases a limited amount of low-cost mileage award seats. Often, you only see the full price ones when using Delta miles. But using Virgin Atlantic miles for the same Delta flights/routes can open up low-cost award space that Delta doesn’t offer. For whatever reason, Delta releases a different amount of mileage award seats to its partner Virgin Atlantic than it does to its own SkyMiles members using Delta miles.

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