Ten Reasons Why I’m the Biggest Fan of Mileage Upgrade Awards—and Why You Should Be Too

An overview of how to save thousands with American Airlines and United Airlines to destinations all around the world.

Benefits of Mileage Upgrades at a Glance:

  • Open Otherwise-Locked Doors
  • Earn Elite Status Credit
  • Connecting Opportunities
  • Spend Fewer Miles
  • The Bucket List Buster
  • Seat Volume
  • Take the Family
  • High-Award-Tax Alternative
  • A Path to First Class
  • Easy to Book

The Clue is in the word “Mileage Upgrade”

Mileage upgrade award / noun / mile·age up·grade—A redemption option some airlines offer that enables loyalty program members to change the class of service, usually from economy class to Business Class, Premium Economy Class to Business Class, or Business Class to First Class, by using the “miles” accumulated by the member in conjunction with a normal, paid ticket.

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